Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kits

We get many site visitors that are constantly looking for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Kits. One of the things to understand first and foremost, is that a light kit is the entire light assembly and everything to provide light from your fan. However, most people these days buy a light kit with the fan so it comes with a light instead of adding one on later.

Many people looking for light kits are actually looking for replacement glass globes, or even potentially light bulbs instead. If you are looking for a light kit for your fan, it’s important to know whether or not your ceiling fan is light kit adaptable. Let’s talk for a moment about all of the parts that make up the light kit, for those of us who are only looking for a specific part.

Hampton Bay Replacement Glass Globe or Shade

Site visitors are often on the hunt for a replacement glass globe. Glass globes often get broken. There’s many ways they get broken, but most of the time it’s during maintenance when a bulb is being replaced inside of the dome, globe or shade. Once the globe is broken, finding a replacement can be tough! You’ll need one that at least resembles the same socket or size in terms of where it connects to the rest of the fan, so that it fits.

We’re going to be honest here – finding the exact same shade or globe you had before is going to be difficult. We get many complaints and requests from site visitors to help them find certain part numbers in terms of broken Hampton Bay glass globes. The truth of the matter is that Home Depot carries Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze fans, and if you can’t find the replacement part through them or Lowe’s, finding it elsewhere is unlikely. These retail stores are often the first go to, and in many cases the only go to in terms of finding these parts. While there are some third party places online, much like this website, there is not always supply available for glass globes or other parts.

Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kits

In some cases, you may not be able to find the “exact” light kit that goes with your fan. If you purchase a universal Hampton Bay ceiling fan light kit, the chances are good it’ll work with your Hampton Bay fan. Generally, you have better odds of a universal light kit working with the fan you have when it’s made by the same manufacturer. Therefore this rule would also apply to other brands of ceiling fans. Adding a universal light kit avoids the research of part numbers. Part number research can take more time, especially if your fan is a little more elusive and/or vintage.

Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Installing a universal light kit is generally straightforward, and shouldn’t be too difficult for a home owner or do it yourself to conquer.