Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kits can be added onto a ceiling fan, or you can simply purchase a ceiling fan that already comes with a light kit. Essentially, it is certainly much easier to purchase a Harbor Breeze fan that simply comes with a light kit already. If you do want to add on a light kit to an existing fan, it’s important to know if your fan is light kit adaptable. Generally, you may need to refer to your ceiling fan manual to determine if the fan is light kit adaptable or not. You can try searching online to determine this, or you can try searching online to find the manual. We do have a ceiling fan manual section so take a look over there if you need this information.

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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kits on Sale


Harbor Breeze 4-Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Light Kit

This is a refurbished product, but it is certified to work like new. There are no batteries included, nor is there any required. When looking for a replacement light kit, you need to match up the d├ęcor, and of course the number of bulbs as previous. If you had a three light bulb kit previously and now want to add a 4 light bulb kit as an example, it may not work. This may be due to wiring complications. With that being said, if you need more help with wiring be sure to check out our wiring guides for more details and to provide additional help with ceiling fan wiring.


Harbor Breeze 3-Light Alabaster Incandescent Ceiling Fan Light Kit

This 3 light ceiling fan light kit comes with an alabaster shade as well. It is a bowl light kit. It is quite pretty, and the pull chain also adds onto the delicate look and feel of this light kit. If you recently dropped your bowl or shade while trying to change a bulb or other, this can certainly be a good looking replacement to assist with ensuring the fan retains its appeal and look.