Harbor Breeze Glass Globe

Finding a replacement Harbor Breeze Glass Globe can always be a bit of a challenge. To further the challenge, you need to find one that fits! Not to mention, you probably want to match up the décor as well – the finish, etc. You don’t want a fan with a globe that does not match at all, throwing off the décor of the fan and potentially the entire room as well.

Obviously it’s important to take measurements of the existing globe or shade. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a replacement globe that isn’t necessarily the same Harbor Breeze brand, too. If you’re hard-set on obtaining another Harbor Breeze glass globe, we have some here that may work. We also carry some that aren’t specifically this brand, that may work for you also.

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Replacement Harbor Breeze Glass Globes on Sale



Casablanca Swirled Marble Glass Bowl

No, it’s not made by  Harbor Breeze. However, it’s a relatively universal shape, that tends to work in many situations. It has a one year warranty. The fitter is sold separately – model # 99023. This replacement glass bowl is also very affordable, which works well if you’re looking for a quick replacement and to move on. This way you’re not spending a ton of time trying to find a replacement out there, searching endlessly (some people do!)



Litex Alabaster Glass Globe Ceiling Fan Light Shade

This is the perfect replacement glass for a crosswinds ceiling fan. It has 2 holes for mounting and dimensions are 4 inches high, 11.13 inches wide. The Crosswinds (if you don’t know) is a Harbor Breeze fan. This glass globe will line up because Litex is the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze fans. With that being said, the Crosswinds fan does not appear to be readily available on Amazon or on the Lowe’s website at the time of this being written – Jan 2021.


Harbor Breeze Two Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit with Alabaster Glass
This light kit works to replace a broken shade or globe. At the time of this writing, it costs about $80 USD to purchase. Depending on how much your fan cost at the time of purchase, you may want to consider replacing the entire fan – many Harbor Breeze fans only cost around $30 more to replace the entire fan.

Harbor Breeze 2-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit with Alabaster Glass 

This two light ceiling fan light kit comes with a bronze cap and chain (as you see in the picture). It works to replace a broken globe on your Harbor Breeze fan. It will work with  fan model 00723. It may work with other models too, you’ll have to contact Harbor Breeze support to get a full picture of all the fans it is compatible with. If you know your model of fan, you can call the support line and ask them if it’s compatible with your fan.