Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Are you looking to add a Hunter ceiling fan light kit onto your Hunter fan? Not all ceiling fans are purchased from the store with a light kit. However, you do have the option of adding on a light kit if your Hunter ceiling fan is light kit adaptable. This information is key. You can learn if your Hunter fan is light kit adaptable by checking the manual that came with the fan.

If you aren’t able to find the manual that came with your Hunter fan, you can try looking on this website to see if we have the manual available. Usually the manuals come in a PDF format, so you can download them, and even print them if you would like to.

If you have no idea of the make and model of your Hunter ceiling fan, please take a look at our page that explains how to determine the make and model of your fan.

Once you’ve determined your Hunter fan is light kit adaptable

The options for your fan may be described or explained in the manual (I know, we keep coming back to that!) You can also “line up” the light kits that you find online to ensure they will go onto your fan. E.g check the dimensions, check how many bulbs or lights the light kit has and ensure that your fan will be able to accomodate the light kit of your choice.

What about light kits from other brands?

The best option when you want to add a light kit to a fan, is checking out the light kits from the same brand. A Hunter ceiling fan light kit is more likely to work with a Hunter ceiling fan then another brand, and this applies to other brands as well. There may be times where it feels like it’s impossible to know for sure if a light kit will work with a fan. If this happens to you, look at the dimensions of both and try to visualize the kit being attached to the fan.

Hunter Meridale 52inch Ceiling Fan
Determining whether your fan is light kit adaptable is not always an easy task. The Hunter fan manual that came with your fan is a good source of knowledge, but not everyone still keeps their manual on hand from point of purchase.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Shades

Shades are very useful for light kits; in fact we’d go so far as to say you need to have a light kit shade for your light kit. Without a shade, the light will be too bright and the radiance will be restricted to a small area. Essentially, a light kit loses a lot of its essential usage and function without the use of a shade, or a globe. Shades and globes aren’t always the same thing – usually, they do describe the same kind of function or reason for usage. However, there are a million different designs in terms of Hunter ceiling fan shades. There are plenty of options to browse through and decide upon a shade that works for your design taste.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Shade
A lovely design for a Hunter shade. We were going to say it’s somewhat prism-esque in nature, but that’s probably not a word! Ah, what the heck. Anyways, like we were saying it’s a an ornate shade design.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kit Reviews

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Hunter Three Light Fitter Ceiling Fan Light Kit

This Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kit is compatible with fans that are being utilized with a ceiling height of 8 feet or greater. Dimensions of the light kit are 7.5-Inch W x 2.6-Inches H. The light kit is compatible with all Hunter 51XXX-55XXX Series Ceiling Fans. Glass shades for this light kit are sold separately. Hunter has been making ceiling fans for over 100 years!