Universal Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Finding a replacement ceiling fan light kit can sometimes be a challenge. The premise behind a universal ceiling fan light kit is that you don’t need to have the original light kit that came with the fan as a replacement.

When searching on Google for a universal ceiling fan light kit, one of the more frustrating things that homeowners find is that none of the results are actually universal ceiling fans. Also, although you would hope that a universal light kit from one brand will work with another brand of fan, that is not the case. Casablanca and Hunter are universal to their own fans only.

Hampton Bay 4 Light Universal Ceiling Fan

LED Light Kits

LED Light Kits are a good way to save some money on both the cost of replacing bulbs, as well as the cost of electricity. LED lights are, as you know, far more energy efficient then halogens or other light sources. In some cases, the LED bulbs never need to be replaced at all, so you don’t have to take the light kit apart, replacing bulbs; potentially dropping bulbs and having them smash, etc. Any time you can do less maintenance is always a good thing, right? If not having to do additional maintenance to the fan, it’s time you can spend doing other things. As a homeowner, you’ve probably got plenty of things to clean, maintain or build; especially if you have children.