Emerson Ceiling Fan Manuals

Are you looking for a ceiling fan manual for your Emerson ceiling fan? We have manuals here for Emerson fans. If you’re looking for your particular Emerson ceiling fan model and not finding it, please let us know which model you need by posting a comment below. We’ll take a look for your required Emerson ceiling fan manual and get it posted to the website. We do have a manual below for the Emerson ceiling fan light kit. It is a relatively short manual – only 2 pages! Probably one of the shortest manuals that we have available.

The manual for the Emerson ceiling fan light kit is below:

Emerson Light Kit Owner's Manual


How do I install my Emerson Ceiling Fan?

To install your Emerson ceiling fan, you will need the following tools. It is also helpful to have a family member or friend help you to install your Emerson ceiling fan, if you have not installed a ceiling fan before. Installing an Emerson ceiling fan is pretty standard, in terms of installing fans. If you have installed a different brand name ceiling fan before and not Emerson, that is no problem. Most ceiling fan installations are pretty similar for the most part.

So here are the tools you will need for installation:

  • One Phillips head screwdriver
  • One stepladder
  • One 1/4″ blade screwdriver
  • One wire stripper
  • Three wire connectors (supplied)

Next you should have the following parts in with your Emerson Ceiling Fan. These parts are not going to be exactly the same fan to fan, however the components should be relatively straight forward and similar in most regards.

  • Fan motor assembly
  • One switch housing assembly
  • Five fan blades
  • One hangar bracket
  • 3/16-24 x 1/2″ screw with jam nut
  • One ceiling cover
  • Five blade flanges
  • One hanger ball/downrod assembly and one
  • One loose parts bag containing:
  • Fifteen 3/16-24 x 5/16″ screws
  • One 3/16-24 x 1/2” setscrew with jam nut
  • Ten 1/4-20 x 1/2″ blade flange screws
  • One wood ball with chain