Hunter Ceiling Fan Manuals

A ceiling fan manual is always a helpful item. When you are trying to find more information about your fan, such as technical troubleshooting information, what parts came with the ceiling fan, technical assistance / help numbers you can call to get help, etc. The manual is always helpful. The manufacturer Hunter usually stores all of the most useful information in the manual.

Unfortunately, finding the manual is not always an easy task. In many cases, the home owner or ceiling fan owner does not always keep the manual close at hand. Many of us tend to simply throw the manual away, or it cannot be found again later. This is very common, so if it has happened to you, do not worry about it! We will help you to find the Hunter ceiling fan manual that you are looking for.

When you are working with your Hunter ceiling fan, we recommend using only Hunter parts (if you are replacing anything) otherwise you may void the warranty. Of course, this does not apply to bulbs. If replacing a bulb, ensure that the bulb matches up to the wattage or voltage required. The best way to do this is to take the existing bulb into the retail store, especially if you are unsure what kind you need. Just because the bulb fits in place, does not mean it’s the right wattage – this is important to keep in mind.

Installing a Hunter Ceiling Fan

When installing a Hunter ceiling fan, you should attach the fan directly to the support of the ceiling. Make sure you follow the instructions. Before installing the fan, and touching any wiring, ensure that the circuit breaker to the outlet box is turned off. Any wiring that you do must follow the local and national electrical rules. Failure to do so could result not only in a bad inspection later on, it could prevent you from selling your home, or even worse, cause an electrical fire in the ceiling or behind a wall which is difficult to spot. Such an electrical fire could burn down your home.

When you are installing a Hunter ceiling fan, balancing or cleaning, do not bend the blades or the blade arms. This could cause problems with your fan and shorten the life span. Use only Hunter speed controls with your fan – no third party speed controls. If installing the ceiling fan on your own, make sure you are able to lift approximately 40 lbs. and hold it in place for some time. Failure to do so means you could drop the fan, injuring yourself and potentially damaging or destroying your new fan purchase.

Required Tools for Installing a Hunter Ceiling Fan:

– Electric drill with 9/64″ bit
– Standard screwdriver – magnetic tip
– Phillips head screwdriver – magnetic tip
– Wrench or pliers
– Ladder – height dependent upon installation site