Kichler Ceiling Fan Manuals

If you’ve installed a Kichler ceiling fan before, or you’ve never installed a ceiling fan, it’s always helpful to take a look at the instructions to understand what’s required and how to proceed.

The first thing you want to do anytime you install a ceiling fan is: turn off the power! Make sure to turn off the power at the fuse box, or breaker panel. Once you’ve checked and ensured the power is off, you can proceed to installation. Installation of a ceiling fan, whether it’s a Kichler fan or other, is pretty straight forward. You can read our ceiling fan install guide here for more information if you need help with installing a fan. Watching ceiling fan installation videos online is also a good resource – you can teach yourself almost anything these days with online videos on YouTube and the like.

Kichler Colerne Ceiling Fan

Kichler Ceiling Fan Manuals also include information on standard troubleshooting practices for regular problems. Some of the regular challenges you may run into as it applies to Kichler ceiling fans, that a manual can help with include the following:

  • Dust buildup or wear and tear on Kichler ceiling fan blades
  • Humming, or whirring noises emanating from the fan
  • Ceiling fan will no longer turn
  • Kichler ceiling fan is not responding to remote control
  • Remote control has been lost
  • Some other part is required.

If the fan is noisy…
  • Verify that all of the fans on the ceiling fan are secure. Sometimes a screw that is not tight vibrates, and creates the annoying sounds you may be hearing.
  • If you just purchased or installed a fan, wait 1-2 days to see if the noise goes away. If not, do the above.
  • Check the fan’s light bulbs and make sure they’re not touching anything. This can cause other problems with the fan, then just humming sounds. Also, make sure the bulbs are of the right wattage for the fan.