Ceiling Fan Warranty

Depending upon the manufacturer of your fan, the warranty associated with your fan will vary. Some manufacturers offer a limited life warranty – however, it’s important to understand what that limited lifetime warranty entails. Again, it will depend upon the manufacturer of your fan. Some manufacturers offer a warranty on just the motor. Other manufactures offer warranty on some of the other parts, too. Let’s look at Hunter, just as an example. Hunter provides a limited lifetime motor warranty. This applies only to the motor itself, and only if there is a defect in the motor. Wall controls, remotes, etc. are not covered under the motor warranty – however, these parts are covered under a one year warranty, so if they should fail or experience malfunction in the first year, you can obtain support from Hunter in that regard. Light kits as well are also covered under the one year warranty.

Another important understanding is that any kind of labor cost is not covered either. If you pay an electrician, or a handyman to install your fan, troubleshoot it, or replace a part, there’s no way for a manufacturer to compensate that trades person. Furthermore, the manufacturer will not do so in any circumstance. Logistically, and for many other reasons, it’s simply not possible – so don’t waste your time attempting to make a manufacturer pay for labor costs. The manufacturer will replace parts, or potentially an entire fan if the warranty dictates so – and you can fight for that, if the manufacturer is not honoring that warranty. However, labor cost will never be covered.

I’m not the original owner of the fan. Can I redeem the warranty?

This will again depend on the manufacturer. Once again, if we look at Hunter as an example, they won’t honor a fan warranty if it’s not the original purchaser who is redeeming the warranty. So, if you have someone in your family who originally purchased the fan, ensure they are the ones reaching out to Hunter in order to redeem\

What if I live in another part of the world?

Once again – it depends on the manufacturer. Many manufacturers of fans in North America don’t support warranties if the fan has been moved to another part of the world other then North America. Generally, your fan has to be in Canada or the United States to get repaired in one of the same countries. Some manufacturers may repair in other countries, it totally depends on whether the manufacturer is a global company. Certain patents and compliance is required in order to operate in many countries. The requirements depend upon the country.