Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty

Please note: the information on this page is gathered from Hampton Bay. We are not the original manufacturer of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans, nor do we have any affiliation with the actual company that makes the fans.

The Hampton Bay lifetime motor warranty covers the fan to have a motor, that is free from any kind of defects in manufacturing. The motor is covered for a lifetime, so that is the entire life of the fan for as long as you own it. If the Hampton Bay ceiling fan is passed off or sold to someone else, and the fan does not belong to the original owner, then the lifetime motor warranty is null and void.  Parts are covered for one year from the date of purchase.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts Warranty

What kind of warranty does Hampton Bay offer on parts? This is a great question, and one we aim to answer here on this page. It’s an important question too. So, the first thing to understand is the parts warranty does not apply to glass or plexiglass parts – in other words, this generally does not apply to ceiling fan light covers or light kits. If Hampton Bay had to cover broken globes and light kits from people dropping them, they’d likely not be in business anymore! Dropping a globe, light cover, or any glass object will generally result in a smash, and keep in mind if this happens, it’s not on the manufacturer to cover it. Would you expect them to?

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Warranty
Looking to start the process of repair, or redeem a warranty for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan? To get started, you’ll need to reach out to Hampton Bay support – this isn’t us, though. You can reach Hampton Bay support at 855-434-2678.

The good part is, if you do drop a light cover, globe or etc., it’s not too expensive to replace them (assuming you can find the part that’s needed). We should be able to help you with that also. With that being said, if you have just purchased a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan recently and there is a defect in a glass piece, that is covered under the warranty. Also, if you had something like a hairline crack in a piece of glass that has gotten bigger, that’s covered. However, if it shipped and you opened the box, and it has a hairline crack, or a bigger crack or what have you, you should just do a warranty claim right off the bat.

Damage caused by Improper Usage or Improper Fan Installation

It is possible to accumulate damage to your fan by misuse. If the fan was never installed properly, and accumulates damage due to this improper installation, that won’t be covered under warranty. As an example – your fan was not installed properly, so now when it spins it wobbles. This eventually causes the fan to develop a warped blade. this is a bad example, however the warped blades or other part would not be covered. Again, this is a bad example, and there would be some wobble involved with any fan – but a little tiny bit of wobble is no problem.

Another thing the warranty does not cover is wear and tear on finishes due to climatic conditions. For example, if you place your ceiling fan outside on a porch and it becomes exposed to the elements, any rust, corrosion, tarnish or peel won’t be covered under warranty. It’s kind of like asking the car manufacturer to refinish your car because some rust has formed on it.