Hunter Ceiling Fan Warranty

Hunter’s ceiling fan warranty is valid is as follows. If the motor fails at any time within one year after the original date of purchase, due to a defect in the ceiling fan or the workmanship, the labor will be provided free of charge at the nearest service center. Then you just need to find a Hunter ceiling fan service center. Hunter makes reference to a service center in Tennessee in their warranty policy as well.

Other parts also carry a one year warranty with Hunter. Light kits are considered a part that is also replaceable under the one year warranty.

What Does This Warranty NOT Cover?

Hunter’s ceiling fan warranty does not cover any labor costs that are incurred to install or remove a fan, or replace the fan, or any parts. This means that although Hunter may cover replacement parts, you either have to replace the parts yourself, or pay someone to replace the parts. Local handymen and electricians may be a fair choice.

Light bulbs are not covered under the warranty. This is kind of a given – light bulbs burn out, and need to be replaced.

Similarly, the warranty does not cover batteries that go into the fan’s remote control.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Warranty
Hunter’s fan warranty is pretty straightforward, for the most part. They’ll cover problems with the motor, as well as defects with the fan. If you have a problem with your Hunter fan due to improper installation, they won’t cover that.

If the fan is purchased or installed outside of the United States or Canada, it will also not be covered by warranty. The warranty only applies to these two countries in North America.

If you purchased a fan second hand, and not first hand from the retailer, the warranty will not apply. The next rule basically means the same thing. If you can’t provide proof of purchase of the fan from the retailer, the warranty won’t apply.

Wear and tear, such as cosmetic discoloring or etc. is not covered.

Hunter 53071 Low Profile Ceiling Fan
This is a handsome low profile fan from Hunter. Also referred to as Hugger Ceiling Fans, these fans mount with no downrod and thus mount “flush” to the ceiling. Works well with a low ceiling.

If you own a refurbished fan, it will not be covered under warranty either.

If the fan is not installed properly, or suffers abuse, it will not be covered. For example, if you didn’t finish installing the downrod properly, and the fan falls down and smashes, you can’t open a warranty claim for it.

How can I obtain warranty service from Hunter?

When you contact Hunter for warranty assistance, support, or to redeem your warranty with them, you must have proof of purchase. This means you need the original sales receipt when the fan was purchased (by you). Keep in mind if you bought the fan second hand from someone, you cannot redeem the fan under the warranty. Hunter may accept a gift receipt (they mention so on their warranty page on their website) however, they reserve the right whether they accept it or not.

To start the warranty process with Hunter, call their phone number: 1-888-830-1326.