Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Warranty

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Monte Carlo offers a lifetime warranty on their ceiling fans. To lock your warranty in and ensure that you obtain what the warranty provides, you need to mail in the warranty card to Monte Carlo. This will lock in or “activate” the warranty to ensure the coverage is applied to your fan. Here is how the Monte Carlo warranty breaks down, in terms of the coverage that your fan receives:

Blades are covered (if wooden), switches, and finishes – plated finishes – are covered one year from date of purchase. One important thing to note – glass globes and light bulbs will not be replaced by the manufacturer when broken. If a glass globe or light bulb is broken when you purchase the fan, it will be replaced. However, proving the globe or bulb was broken when purchased can be difficult.

Keep in mind that like any other ceiling fan manufacturer, Monte Carlo only provides warranty to the original purchaser of a fan. So that means if you buy a fan used, or it’s a hand-me-down etc., Monte Carlo won’t provide warranty on the fan. You also must purchase your fan in the United States or Canada, otherwise the warranty is again void. It also must be purchased from an authorized dealer. So if you buy your fan from an online advertisement or anyplace other then a retail store, the warranty is again void.

Monte Carlo Discus Ceiling Fan
The Monte Carlo Discus Ceiling Fan is a good example of a crisp Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan. This page describes more information about their specific warranty process.

Lot of circumstances in which the warranty is void! However, all of these warranty regulations are very standard. They are the same for the most part from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Monte Carlo Customer Service

First of all, please bear in mind that we are a third party resource. We are not the manufacturer. We often get emails or requests for support with site visitors complaining on and on about their fan or the manufacturer, thinking we are the manufacturer. These requests are generally ignored, as they are not requests and they are targeted to the wrong website.

With that being said, you can reach the manufacturer – Monte Carlo – with the following details,

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans Customer Service Department at 1-800-519-4092

Operates weekdays between 8:00am – 5:30pm central time

Note: This is not our phone number – we are not the manufacturer