Harbor Breeze Waveport Ceiling Fan Parts

The Harbor Breeze Waveport fan “feels” much like one of Hampton Bay’s fan, the Palm Leaf ceiling fan. Both provide that outdoor feeling when you see the palm blades. This fan also is damp rated. This means it can be used in some outdoor spaces, like a patio or porch. Keep in mind though that damp rated is different from wet rated. While the Palm Beach we mentioned is wet rated, the Waveport is damp rated meaning it can be used in damp areas that may experience moisture, but try to avoid areas where it directly gets rained or snowed on. It isn’t suited for “wet” environments, but damp environments – that’s an important differentiator. The fan can be used indoors, too.

The Waveport features an efficient LED lighting system. This means that it provides superior lighting, while not utilizing a lot of energy in doing so. The fan has pullchains – another important note, this fan does not come with a remote control. Generally, fans that are not remote controlled do not have a receiver unit either. So if you’re thinking to purchase the Waveport and convert it to a ceiling fan that uses a remote later on – don’t.

Why does the Waveport ceiling fan not come with a remote?

If you think about the design – the Waveport is built to be used in outdoor locations. So using a remote with it does not make sense because it is more of a utility model in this sense. The thought is you’re going to walk outside and simply pull the pullchain to turn the fan on when you use it. It’s one less thing to lose, too in terms of not having a remote – and one less thing to troubleshoot. A pullchain can be more reliable in this sense – until it snaps off. We hope that does not happen, but if it does please post a comment on this page and we’ll do our best to get a replacement added that you can purchase.

Harbor Breeze Compatible Ceiling Fan Pull Chain
Harbor Breeze compatible 3 speed 4 wire pull chain

This is a 3 speed ceiling fan switch or pullchain that is compatible with Harbor Breeze fans. If you need a replacement pullchain for the Waveport, this may work. Take a look at the functions below:

Function: OFF L-1-2, High speed=L-1-2-3, Medium speed=L-2-3, Low speed=L-1-3;

Are these the current functions of the Waveport? So if your Waveport (or other ceiling fan) has 3 speeds (low, medium, high) as well as off, this may work. There is a 200 day warranty on the pullchain, so if it turns out it’s not the right part or there’s a problem with the pullchain, it can be returned to the manufacturer. Please note we are not the manufacturer.

Harbor Breeze Downrod
Harbor Breeze 4 Inch Downrod

This replacement downrod can be helpful if your existing one is damaged, broken or any other issues with your current downrod in use. Specifically, it will work with fans that currently use a 4 inch downrod and have a similar threading pattern or style. If you’re not sure what size of downrod that is in use with your fan, the suggestion would be to take a look at your ceiling fan manual. The manual generally will provide additional information, such as part numbers for parts that should be in the box contents with your fan, and additional troubleshooting and warranty information.

Where can I find replacement bulb for my Waveport fan?

The Waveport ceiling fan manual shows on page 18 that you can use a 60 watt max, candelabra-base CA10 incandescent bulbs. CFLs (fluorescent bulbs) shouldn’t be used with this fan – at least, the manufacturer recommends against it. Sometimes we get site visitors asking for frosted bulbs. We have no way to locate frosted bulbs – you’ll want to reach out to Harbor Breeze technical support for that.