Help, I have broken ceiling fan blades on my Heritage ceiling fan

We were recently asked by a site visitor, if we could help them to find replacement ceiling fan blades for a Heritage ceiling fan. The challenge we sometimes face when asked about a Heritage ceiling fan, is trying to understand which manufacturer they are talking about. Many ceiling fan manufacturers have a “Heritage” model or series of ceiling fan, so it’s important to understand who is the manufacturer of your ceiling fan when looking for support.

The following manufacturers all have a “Heritage” series fan.

Which Heritage fan do you have?

  • Hunter Heritage ceiling fan – this exists as a model with a 60 inch blade span, there may be other variants as well.
  • Casablanca Heritage ceiling fan
  • Concord Fans – Heritage

If you are not sure which Heritage fan you have, and need help finding the make and model of your ceiling fan, we can help with that. This guide will help you to determine the make and model of your fan. Typically, you can find this information on the base of your ceiling fan; you just need to know where to look. Having the manual that came with your Heritage fan will also help you to determine where to find troubleshooting support, replacement parts, warranty support or other.

Casablanca Heritage Ceiling Fan
This Casablanca Heritage ceiling fan is a large fan with a 60 inch blade span.

Can I find Heritage Fans at Home Depot?

When looking on the Home Depot website, what comes up in the search for Heritage Fans is the Home Decorators Collection. This appears to be yet another brand of ceiling fan, and may not be the information that you are looking for (again, depending on which manufacturer and model of ceiling fan that you own). The challenge, as noted is that many manufacturers have models of fans they call “Heritage ceiling fan.”

If we look for Heritage ceiling fan blades on Home Depot, there are not any on the website. Likely calling Home Depot directly would be a good idea, in order to understand if they do have Heritage fan parts or not.