Hunter Biscayne Ceiling Fan Review

Furnished with a front line finish reminiscent of developed beachwood, common suffered finishes and a light style light unit, the Key Biscayne conveys a scramble of the Maritimes to your space. Ideal for any room or made sure about district introduced to sogginess and tenacity, this spongy evaluated fan consolidates tempered steel hardware and will fit charmingly in your gigantic, outdoors sunroom or patio’s beach house elaborate subject. The Key Biscayne features reversible edges powered by a three-speed WhisperWind® motor to pass on overly mind blowing air improvement with mumble quiet execution.

Hunter Biscayne Ceiling Fan

  • Assessed for use as an indoor or outdoors rooftop fan in spaces introduced to clamminess and tenacity, for instance, yards, patios, sunrooms, and washrooms
  • Features treated steel gear to contradict rust
  • Consolidates pull chains for smart and basic on/off and speed adjustments
  • Suffered Zinc finish
  • 5 Burnished Gray Pine/Gray Pine reversible sharp edges included
  • 13 degree sharp edge pitch upgraded to ensure ideal air improvement and zenith execution
  • Consolidates Integrated light unit with Painted Cased White glass
  • Consolidates 2 9.8W imperativeness gainful, dimmable LED bulbs to give you control of the climate in your space
  • Control obscuring with a handheld removed or divider control
  • Driven light unit for lower imperativeness usage, more splendid light yield and a more drawn out future than standard bulbs
  • Reversible, 3-speed WhisperWind® motor passes on very astounding air improvement with mumble quiet execution so you get the cooling power you need without the racket you don’t
  • Installer’s Choice® three-position mounting structure mulls over norm, low, or determined mounting
  • Fuses 2” and 3” downrods to ensure real great ways from the rooftop and advance air improvement at your supported forefront height
  • Fitting for rooftop heights of 8 foot and more essential
  • Confined Lifetime Motor Warranty is maintained by the principle association with over 130 years in the fan business

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